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We all love to have our nails neat and pretty. Regardless of the length of our nails, we always want to keep them divine. You don’t need to be a professional to decorate your nails. Next, we propose some super easy and original ideas, so that you take them into account the next time you do your manicure and make a unique nail decoration:

reusing plastic

Take a plastic and cut a small piece square

1. Create a Matte design for your nails

Paint the cut piece white and dot with the colors you prefer. Join the plastic to create a blur effect. Let it dry for a few minutes and remove the paint after it has dried. Paint your nails with smooth glitter and paste the effect achieved on your nails. Put shine on your nails again and you will see what a different effect you will have.

Smooth glitter nail

Paint your nails black or whatever color you want, preferably a dark color.

Then in a container with cornstarch, insert a nail or whatever you want. With this tip you will achieve a matte finish for your designs.

reusable palette

You can reuse an eyeshadow palette that you no longer use or is simply old.

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2. Fix the color of the damaged nail

Take the color of your preference and pour the powder on a flat surface, being careful to put some plastic or paper underneath to avoid staining the surface. Sprinkle the compact until no larger pieces remain. Pour the contents into a container of nail polish. Mix the powder well and you will see that you will soon get a new color for your nails.

When our freshly painted nails go bad, it really creates a real nuisance for us.

You no longer have to complain the next time it happens to you. You just have to introduce the damaged nail into a container of water and with your fingertips give small touches on the nail until the paint returns to its place. Super simple and practical.

3. Use masking tape

nail tapes

As the next step, the material to use is the tapes

With adhesive tape we will stick on our fingers leaving the area of ​​the nails free. Then we will introduce an absorbent in the color we want to make our design and we will blow on our nails. This way we will achieve a super beautiful and artistic effect.

4. Repair your manicure with glitter

Do your nails grow easily? Every time you do your nails, they always grow a few inches and you can never maintain a manicure for long. Don’t worry, resolved solution. Repair your manicure with the glitter of your choice next time. You can play with the color contrasts.

If you don’t have nail polish remover, use vinegar and the juice of a lemon and pour the mixture into a container. Take a cotton ball and solution ready to remove the paint from your nails.

Use aluminum foil and make a small cut in the center. You can choose the design you want. Place the paper on one of your nails and paint with the color you want.


5. Design with colored markers and brush

nail decoration with colored markers and brush

The use of markers and paintbrush can be of great help in creative design

With some colored markers, make an original and creative design on your nails. Then with a brush, rub alcohol on your nails to blur the design.

6. Design with dental floss

With dental floss, we will place on our nails making circular movements in order to create fine lines on our nails. On top, paint the color of your preference and remove the thread. You will see what a beautiful effect you will create.

7. With vinyl adhesive

vinyl adhesive to remove shine and nail decoration

Vinyl adhesive can be used to remove gloss

If you fixed your nails with glitter and it is difficult for you to remove it, we tell you that next time you will not have problems with it. With vinyl adhesive, give a base and let dry, then paint your nails with the glitter of your choice and when removing it, simple peel off manicure.

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8. To remove excess paint

remove excess paint for nail art

Removing excess paint has never been easier, with a container of water, marker and remover

In a bowl of water, put the ink from a marker and let it dry for a few minutes. Place all the marker elements and apply remover. This trick works to remove excess paint when you do your manicure and go off the edges.

The next time you want to do a French manicure, do not hesitate to use a small piece of paper or some adhesive as tape so that you have a perfect edge.

9. Grow strong nails with Wax

We will use wax and melt it in the microwave, we must be careful, let it cool a little. Put your nails in the container and then put them back in water. Repeat this procedure for a week. You will see how your nails grow strong and shiny.

The next time you want to get a different color think about what lipstick you like and apply it on your nails in the way you usually do.

Another method to do a French manicure is to use a rubber band and place it on the nails. Fast and easy.

10. Another method for a Matte manicure

Another method to obtain a matte manicure is by painting our nails and placing the nails on top of a pot with steamed water for 3 or 5 minutes and that’s it.

With a small sponge, make several lines of the enamels of your choice and place it on your nails. Then apply glitter and thus achieve a gradient effect.

Use white glue above the cuticle, without reaching the nails. Pour several colors of your choice into a container with water and remove the preparation. Place it on top of your nails and remove the excesses. You will see that a watery marbled manicure effect has been created.

Dot with color on a flat surface and dab with a fingertip. Then run your finger over the nail.

These super original and easy ideas can be put into practice the next time you do your nails. You have no justification. It looks divine.

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