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5 exercises to do exercise at home without having to go to the gym

So that you can do exercises at home and save money at the gym, we recommend these five exercises to tone your body. Many times we want to exercise but lack of time and money prevents us from going to the gym.

That is why if you have the motivation and desires, which is the most important thing, you can show off a spectacular body with the exercises that we propose. You will not have to stop for lack of a gym, but you can do exercises from home, outdoors and with only 45 minutes. For this proposal we will work with the weight of your own body, so you will not need equipment to exercise.

Prepare the environment

To feel comfortable at home doing exercises, you can opt for motivating music to accompany your workouts. Before starting, you should do a 10-minute entry of stretching or it can also be a brisk walk or even pretend you’re walking but statically. You can also take out the jump rope and do cardio warm-ups too.

5 Exercises to keep fit without going to the gym

1. Plates and their variants

Planks are one of the most complete exercises you can do without going to the gym

The planks help to collect the abdomen and strengthen the muscles of both the legs and the hands.

To perform the planks you must position yourself on four points of support with your hands and the tips of your feet, simulating a semi-inclined board, with your arms parallel to your shoulders. With your hands apart, you should make sure that your abdominal muscles are contracted and your neck is very straight with the rest of your spine.

It is very important to take care of your posture and breathing while you go down and up doing the planks so that you are effective. Once you have mastered this technique, you can do batches of 10 plates, rest for a minute and do 10 more plants of any other modality such as: with arm raised or one leg raised with side plates.

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2. Squat exercises without going to the gym

Squats are exercises you can do without going to the gym

Squats help strengthen the gluteal muscles

Squats are about standing with your legs shoulder width apart and pretending to sit on a bench but not. Your back should be as straight as possible, leaning down without twisting anything other than your knees. It is important to take into account the breathing in each squat. You must breathe in when you go up and exhale when you go down.

There are also other styles of squats for when you are ready and master this technique, such as taking your heels off the floor as far as possible, having a balance and performing jump squat. This is a technique in which starting from the squat position a jump is performed and then falls in the same starting position. To do this, it is advisable to maximize your legs and raise your arms.

3. Push up or polymetric push-ups

Helps strengthen arms and shoulders

This exercise is very effective for working the upper body.

To perform this exercise you must place yourself in the plank position and lower your body by bending your arms until they almost touch the floor.

This exercise can be done with your legs extended and if you do not have enough control, you can start doing it, exerting force with your arms and shoulders. To do this, you must place your knees as a point of support. This is one of the most effective exercises for working the upper body.

4. Burpees exercises without going to the gym

It is one of the most complete bodyweight exercises

This exercise works the abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs.

This exercise is a grueling sequence. Start an upright position with your feet together, do a squat, then a push-up and jump. All this is done in the same order and quickly, making this sequence the same exercise. You should try to keep your balance as much as possible and keep the order of exercises as controlled as possible. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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5. Lunges or lunge

Squats increase the glutes

The recommended amount of squats per day to increase the buttocks is 50 squats a day

This exercise begins with the right leg in front, with the knees bent and the foot touching the ground completely. The left leg is left behind parallel to the floor with only the ball of the foot touching the ground. It is very important that you stay completely straight and then go up and down in this position.

After doing all these exercises, they can do a set of breathing exercises and three to five minutes of stretching. These exercises complete a functional routine, easy to do and perfect to achieve a healthy and toned body, without going to the gym. It is also important to remember to maintain a good diet, a healthy diet and healthy life practices.

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