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5 tricks to make clothes come out cleaner from the washing machine

To leave the perfect clothes, today we propose you some tricks to wash clothes and be able to get the best out of the washing machine.

The washing machine is one of those precious appliances that makes our lives easier and saves us time and effort. However, many times the attention we give to the washing machine does not correspond to the work it does.
In addition, not everyone is capable of squeezing the functionalities of this machine properly and ends up using only one or two programs regardless of the result we are looking for.

woman putting clothes to wash

There is no doubt that it is one of our great allies in the home: the washing machine.

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Tricks for washing clothes in a washing machine:

woman in washing machine - tricks to wash clothes

Washing the washing machine sounds funny but it is something that will do your appliance very well for its best performance.

The more clothes this appliance wash, the dirtier its ducts can be and should be washed from time to time. How to do it? Very simple, we take natural vinegar or whatever you have at home, we pass it through the drum, through the rubbers and through the box where the detergent is added.

We set the shortest washing program and with the highest temperature. In this way we are going to clean the washing machine so that it can wash well without any traces of dirt.

Clean the filter:

When the filter of our washing machine is very dirty, it means that our appliance does not spin well, that all the dirt does not come out well and that dirt re-enters.
That is why sometimes our garments come out with stains or little spin. Every time you can clean the filters of your washing machine so that the next time you do not have this problem.

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Leave the washer door open:

If when you go to wash you feel that your washing machine does not have such a pleasant smell, the first thing you should do when you finish each wash is to leave the door of the washing machine open so that it takes in air and can dry. You can also put a plug with vinegar so that this product can absorb the smell.

Use Sodium Percarbonate:

This product is ideal for stains, whether they are sweat, blood, difficult stains, etc. Well, what we do is to make a mixture with water and we put it on top of the stain and we throw the garment to wash in a normal way. We can also add it to enhance the cleaning of clothes.

Unbuttons buttons, zippers and folds:

man unbuttoning shirt buttons - laundry tricks

These practices can make a difference in good laundry.

Every time you start washing some clothes, undo the buttons, lower the zippers and if you have any pants, undo the bottoms, so that the clothes are cleaned more. For example, if we do not unzip the cuffs, the washing machine will not clean the garment in the same way.

Use baking soda as tricks for washing white clothes:

Baking soda has been proven to be used in different ways, using it on clothes can help you remove stains and more

This product enhances the generation of more foam and makes the colors come out more vivid. Bicarbonate, as is already known, has many applications. It helps to remove stains, improves the light of the garments, bleaches the pieces.

Use essential oils:

essential oil

Essential oils can make great scent products for clothes

If you have tried everything and your pieces still do not have the smell that you want so much, try using some essential oil droplets of your preference the next time you wash your clothes. Take advantage of and apply all the properties that all essential oils have; disinfectants, helps to remove fungi, neutralizes and enhances odors.

Apply these tricks to wash clothes, which are very simple and functional. We assure you that you will not regret it.

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