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Do you have any pants that you should discard because they simply do not fit tight on your legs? Surely you are going through this situation, and it is that many times the pants sizes do not fit perfectly on all bodies. That is, some waist sizes are perfect for you while the legs can be wide or narrow. In short, each body is a world, that’s why we wanted to bring you a little trick so that you can adjust those pants that do not fit perfectly on the legs but on the waist.

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The best way to repair pants is a sewing machine since this is a thick fabric and the stitches must be very firm so that they do not come apart. However, many of us do not have enough time to go to the seamstress or perhaps we are lazy. It is therefore necessary that you have a trick up your sleeve to fix those pants. This time we bring you the way that you can adjust the pants from home by hand and that super well almost as if you were a professional.

How to adjust the legs of pants without a sewing machine

adjust jeans pants

Woman in wide denim jeans

To be able to adjust your jeans you must use these materials:

  • measuring tape
  • clothespins
  • legs
  • jeans that you have to adjust
  • jeans that fit perfectly from the same fabric as the jeans to fit

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Step by step to adjust the pants

  1. The first thing you should do is turn the jeans you want to adjust on a table. This means that the jeans should have the seams facing out.
  2. If you have jeans that fit perfectly and are made of the same fabric as the jean you want to adjust, you can place it over the jeans to be adjusted to serve as a sample. In case you do not have any jeans with these characteristics, what you should do is the following: Mark the pants before adjusting the legs.
  3. If you are going to use a sample, you must place it on top of the pants to be adjusted. The sample must be on the right side. Place pins on the trousers to be adjusted skirting the sample piece. If you marked the pants you must place the pins on the mark. This will help keep the fabric from moving and you can easily bake it.
  4. With a hand needle thread a piece of thread of half a meter more or less and tie a knot with both ends so that the thread is double.
  5. Begin to sew the trouser legs by stitching backward and then forward, so that there is no gap in the middle between the stitches.
  6. Follow the line, pins or darts until you reach the same level of the original seam of the pants approaching downwards.
  7. At the end of the seam, place the pants on the right side and iron it so that the seam looks good and there are no marks from the fit of the pants

Mark the pants before adjusting the legs

  1. Put the pants on with the seams facing out on your body.
  2. Then you must go marking on the underside of the trouser legs everything that must be adjusted.
  3. With one hand you stretch the excess fabric on your legs and with the other you are placing discontinuous stripes indicating what is left over from your pants.
  4. Once marked, take off the pants and join all the dashed stripes so that there is a stripe to guide the seam.
  5. At the beginning of each stripe, make sure that the stripe has a perfect slant from highest to lowest until the stripe you have made is above the original seam of the pants.

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