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Beginner makeup step by step

There is no doubt that makeup, in a way, works magic. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mystery. Makeup with a natural look does not require many skills or tools. If you are one of those who is taking their first steps in the world of makeup, do not worry, you have come to the right place.

Here are some makeup tips for beginners, step by step that will bring out the best in you. Of course, we will always recommend makeup that especially highlights your natural beauty.

The idea is to make an elaborate, but simple makeup, but always remembering that less is more. Follow these fundamental tricks to do a good job and follow the makeup for beginners step by step, so you don’t miss any details and you can look radiant.

woman putting on makeup - makeup for beginner

Always keep in mind when putting on makeup, highlighting your natural beauty.

The first thing we must do before applying makeup is to have a very clean face. You can wash your face with a mild cleanser or just clean impurities from your skin with a lotion.

The ideal way to put on makeup is to start with the eyes. To begin we must apply a spray or serum that prepares the skin before receiving all the makeup. Let it dry for a few minutes and you are ready to start your makeup routine.

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First, we will apply a concealer, whichever you prefer, on the eyelids and blend with a makeup sponge.

There is some controversy about the concealer. You always doubt if it should be the same skin tone or just a little lighter. However, it shouldn’t be more than one shade lighter than your skin to make it look more natural. Find a product that is closest to your skin tone and if necessary, go for something a little lighter.

An extra tip:

Set the concealer and moisturizer with the translucent powder. Apply with a large brush in light, circular motions.

makeup for beginner- woman putting on eye makeup

For the day choose colors in pastel or neutral tones. For the night, apply stronger and more striking colors, such as dark browns, and you can experiment with satin shades.

Apply the eyeshadow of your choice on the eyelid. In this makeup for beginners, try a single neutral shade, whichever you want. Using a round eyeshadow brush or your finger, spread the products over the eyelid in quick, short movements towards the eyebrow.

The eyeshadow should be applied from the lash line to just after the inner crease. From there, it should taper as it gets closer to the brow.

Set the shadows with fine translucent powders:

If you are using a brush, gently tap the side of the eyeshadow box to get the excess product off.

Use a black or brown pencil and apply it along the edge of the top line in short strokes.

Eyeliner is going to be one of the products that you can really experiment with as you become more confident putting on makeup. Factors like color, texture, and line of application can have a big impact on how others see you.

woman putting on eyelash makeup - beginner makeup

Long, well-defined eyelashes look spectacular in any look.

Whether day or night, the eyelashes provide a different and unique stamp to our makeup.

As we are experimenting and making a makeup for beginners, at the moment we will not use false eyelashes, but here we will teach you to define your eyes well. Put a curler at the base of your upper lashes and press for 5 seconds.

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Then we will put on the mascara:

Apply it to the upper and lower lashes, the tip of the mascara should be directed towards the outside of the eye. Remember not to apply layers and layers because otherwise we will ruin the makeup and that is not what is intended. On this occasion, as it is a natural look, that is elaborate, but simple, with only one layer if you think, it will be enough.

Apply blush to the most prominent part of your cheekbones. Smile as you apply it so you can clearly see where that area is. Try a cream blush for a natural, easy-to-blend glow. If you go for a powder blush, use a fluffy but dense brush. Scoop the sheer powder over your blush to blend the edges.

beginner makeup- woman painting her lip

Always choose the lipstick of your preference. You can combine it with the tone of your blush and you will achieve an incredible effect.

Apply the lipstick or gloss of your choice. Start by painting the center of the upper and lower lips. If your lips are chapped, prepare them before painting. Gently wipe them with a warm, damp cloth. Then put on a thin layer of lipstick. Let the balm absorb before moving on to the lipstick or gloss.

For beginners, lips are great for adding more color and variety to your makeup regimen without having to worry about application technique and more.

Check that your makeup is as blurred and beautiful as possible. Then seal with some fixing spray. And ready. You are ready to face each day with a smile and perfect makeup.


beginner makeup- woman painting her lips

Putting on makeup can become a ritual of your day to day. You don’t need to be an expert to look amazing. From your face give prominence to what you want the most.

Some extra tips:

If you are applying more than one color of eyeshadow, but are not sure which colors go well together, a natural palette will be a good option. On palettes, all colors match, and shades sometimes have labels indicating where to apply. Try to choose a palette that pigments well when applying makeup.

Finding the correct shade of foundation is extremely important. The rule is to apply a little of the product to the jaw; if it blends well, it is the ideal color for you. Otherwise, you can choose a lighter or darker shade, according to your skin color.

In the event that you run out of blush or are too young to use it, pinch your cheeks to give them a little color.

Add some highlighter to your upper lip:

Always keep your skin in mind. Some products may cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin. If this is your case or you just want to be cautious, look for a hypoallergenic makeup. You should always test makeup before applying it, in case it can make you react.

Do not abuse makeup, or wear too much. First, we must learn to make up with a neutral look and then we will experiment with more daring and elaborate looks.

You already know, you don’t need to be an expert to look beautiful. Little by little you will evolve and you will see that you will add a different touch to your natural beauty that everyone will turn to see you. What are you waiting for?

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