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Eliminate abdominal flaccidity. 30 day challenge.

The job of achieving a flat stomach is never easy. Most of the time it has to do with what we eat every day. The other part is about doing physical exercises to tone this part of the body.

You are on a mission to tone your body, you have already worked the rolls of the back and you are doing well, but, like many people, you have an arch enemy that you hate with all your might: flaccidity, let alone if it’s in the abdomen .

Sagging is caused by the loss of muscle mass and results in the appearance of excess sagging skin and softer areas than usual. A fairly common problem that usually affects those who have experienced drastic weight loss, although it is also a consequence of the natural aging of our body. Fortunately, it is a sign that you can combat in multiple ways.

The first and most effective is physical exercise. The abs, squats, the dynamic plank, the scissors or the bicycle are just some of the movements that you can execute within your daily training to tone the abdomen.

Influence of diet on abdominal fat

On the other hand, food plays a fundamental role in overcoming flaccidity. One of the causes behind this is an inadequate diet, rich in foods that contain lipids and fats, which favors an increase in cholesterol or fluid retention, thus preventing the skin from looking its usual firmness.

You should give priority to those foods that help strengthen muscles and burn fat, that is, they are rich in protein. As examples of these foods we can find oats, salmon, soybeans, eggs, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin seeds and some nuts, such as almonds and peanuts, among others. It is also very important to include foods with antioxidant power to slow down the aging of the skin and, therefore, sagging.

On the other hand, and as a complement, we can add some home remedies to our daily routine and combine them with a balanced diet and frequent physical exercise. For example, drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach helps us detoxify the body as well as the burning of abdominal fat, so it will be very effective to eliminate abdominal flaccidity. Coffee-based scrubs are a stimulating remedy as a power to tighten the skin. The aloe vera It also has firming properties so it can bring us great benefits to our health and beauty, eliminating flaccidity in the abdominal area.

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Next, we propose a series of exercises that will help you eliminate abdominal flaccidity, but remember, any weight loss or definition process requires adequate nutrition accompanied by constant physical activity:

Plates or planks:

The plates are ideal to work the entire abdominal area and in this way we effectively eliminate flaccidity.

Planks are good for working the abdomen. Planks and other abdominal exercises not only strengthen the area, they also help fight back pain, correct posture, and help firm sagging areas.

Leg raises:

This exercise is very effective not only to eliminate abdominal flaccidity but also to correct posture.

This exercise helps to have greater stability, strength and eliminates back pain. In addition, it helps to give definition to the lower abs according to several experts.

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Oblique Crunch:

We must admit it! They are not the simplest exercises in the world, but they are truly effective because they help us to strengthen and define the lateral part of the abdomen.

How much does it cost us to do this exercise. Just as it is painful, it is super effective to outline our figure.

Bicycles or boxer crunches:

This exercise helps a lot to work the middle and lower abdomen. You must make complete circles in the air for maximum effectiveness. This exercise involves touching your knees with your elbows while doing bike work. They are a bit painful but they really are very effective.

They are a real torture, but they are 100% effective.

Basic crunch:

The only thing that we need to work on the abdomen is the upper part and with the crunches we will exercise it in a good way.

Having a flat abdomen is not an easy task, but with a little work and perseverance the results will be guaranteed. If you did not know, we propose it. What are you waiting for? Get to work now!

The abdominal crunch is a classic exercise to work the abdominal muscles, specifically the upper part

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