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How to GROW NAILS 4 CM in 1 WEEK

Growing nails is very complicated, even more so when it is one of the things you most crave. If you are one of those who would love to have super long, strong and beautiful nails, this home remedy to grow nails in just one week will fascinate you. In addition, some tips will help you in the growth of your nails.

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Doesn’t it sometimes happen to you that the more you want something, the less you see the results? Well, yes, it usually happens like this, in the case of nails, it surely happens to you, and that is that even if you put all your desire to make them grow, they do not grow as you would like. For nails, in addition to the great desire you have to put in, it is necessary that you help in their strengthening and growth with some treatment for nail growth.

Why can’t you grow your nails?

To grow nails you must use natural products such as garlic

Nails are what make your hands look beautiful.

We all like to show off our beautiful hands, and to make them look like this, nails play a fundamental role. However, it is very difficult to have perfect nails. These are the main or most common causes, why the nails do not grow. Although these are some of the factors that hold many back in nail growth, the truth is that they are not the only ones.

Bitten nails

Many times it is our fault that nails cannot grow as fast as we would like. Some when we are nervous or anxious or simply for pleasure, put their nails in their mouth, and bite them. This of course weakens your nails, not to mention the amount of bacteria that you can provide to your body, since under the nails, no matter how much you wash them, there are always dirt residues.

Tip # 1 If you are very anxious or for any other reason that leads you to bite your nails, what you should do is always have an object with you that you can hold in your hand and discharge your energy into it. Chewing gum is also a good idea, as it will keep your mouth busy and you won’t have to bite your nails.

Dry nails

One of the most common causes that prevent nails from growing is a lack of hydration in the nails. When the nails are too dry, they become very brittle, so they break easily, since the nails need some elasticity and moisture. That is why if you notice that your nails are cracked, or they break very easily, you need a treatment to provide moisture, to promote nail growth.

Tip # 2 If your nails are too dry, you can use a little oil that is nourishing, and every day smear it on your nails and around them. This will add moisture to the nail, help nourish it, and prevent splitting. The use of vitamin A and vitamin E remedies is very important in the growth of nails. You can compensate with a diet rich in these vitamins.

Circulatory problems

Your nails may not grow even if you don’t put them in your mouth or you don’t have them super dry. It happens that the nails grow due to the correct flow of blood, it makes it possible to grow the nails, nourishing the root of the nail. If you are a person with circulatory problems, then nails can take a long time to grow.

Tip # 3 Apply a massage to your nails every day, with a nourishing cream. This will help the blood circulation to activate and the root of the nail is nourished.

How to grow nails super fast?

A nail growth treatment must have a hardening factor, a moisturizing factor and a nourishing one

Garlic is one of the most used ingredients to promote nail growth

You can have very long and strong nails with a treatment for nail growth that is super simple, with very common ingredients, easy to obtain and very cheap, but above all natural ingredients. One detail about this treatment is that it can also be used to strengthen hair and remove gray hair naturally. This will allow you to apply this treatment every night for a week without having secondary risks to your health.

There is a combination of super nutritious ingredients and you have surely heard one of these be named for their great effectiveness in growing nails. These ingredients are ideal as they strengthen, hydrate and nourish the nails, which is all you need to grow nails.


Garlic cloves
White vinegar
Coconut oil
Aluminum foil or paper

Preparation mode

  1. With a bread or cheese grater you have in the kitchen, scratch three cloves of garlic. Place it in a container
  2. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar to the bowl with the garlic
  3. Also add two tablespoons of coconut oil. Since you already know that coconut oil gels very easily, you can place it in a heat-resistant container and heat it in a double boiler. In case you don’t know how to do it, what you should do is put a little water to heat and in the heat-resistant container place the coconut oil. Then put it very carefully in oil in the hot water, but without covering the oil container, it is only so that the oil changes its state to liquid, without burning.
  4. Combine all the ingredients and let it rest overnight, so that all the ingredients are integrated.
  5. The next day you will see that all the ingredients are mixed, the coconut oil has become hard again, but this time together with the garlic and vinegar.
  6. This mixture that has been like a cream you are going to place on the nails, with pieces of garlic and everything. In this way you already have the remedy to grow your nails fast, now you just need to apply it.

How to apply the treatment for nail growth

To grow nails fast, garlic is the main product you should use

The ingredients in this treatment provide the nails with moisture, nutrition and strength, that is why they allow the nails to grow very quickly
  1. Chop the foil into small pieces that you can wrap your nails in.
  2. Once the nails are with the mixture, wrap the nails with aluminum foil and leave it in your hands for about two hours. You can apply it when you go to sleep or when you do not need to do many things with your hands so that the papers do not fall out and ruin the treatment.

This make believe nail treatment is truly fabulous. The results from the first time you apply it you will notice them immediately. You will feel that the nails harden, you will notice them stronger. I hope these tips to grow nails and this super home remedy help your nails grow super strong and long.

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