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Increase Muscle Mass in Days

When your lifestyle is not the right one, it is clear that your weight will increase every day. If you smoke, consume alcoholic beverages, don’t eat the right way, and don’t play sports, your metabolism will be very slow. This causes you to store too much fat in your body and not strengthen your muscle mass and that is when you see weight gain. That is why this time we wanted to bring you some tips that you should keep in mind in order to increase your muscle mass in just days.

In order to increase muscle mass, the first thing you must do is start practicing exercises with weights. This will help you to have a very healthy body and to be able to show off your buttocks and legs much more. It is necessary to increase metabolism and decrease fat storage.

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Tips for doing exercises to increase muscle mass

glucose levels must be high to build muscle

The workouts must be constant and strong to be able to increase the muscles

1. Eat food before starting training

It is important that you never arrive on an empty stomach to workouts since by having low glucose levels you will not have enough energy to perform exercises correctly. In addition, this can also cause dizziness and fatigue during workouts. Therefore you need to get to workouts with high glucose level and for this you must eat a strong snack before training.

two. Losing your fear of food to increase muscle mass

In order to increase muscle mass, it is necessary that you consume both carbohydrates, meats and all types of healthy foods. It is very important that both at dinners, at lunch, breakfasts or snacks before training, you have three basic ingredients in your dishes. The types of foods that can not be absent are: carbohydrates, proteins and good fats.

  • Carbohydrates (potato, rice, banana among others)
  • Proteins (red meat, fish, eggs, cheese, chicken, milk)
  • Good Fats (olive oil, olives, avocado)

3. Always have food readyto

Many times when we are in a hurry, we skip meals. Even many of us are lazy to have to prepare to eat. That is why it is necessary that you prepare food and keep it in the fridge for as long as you can eat and do not go over the food if you are in a hurry. The easiest to heat and prepare are the ones you must do, like pasta. These are the perfect food, since they are so easy and light that you can take it with you anywhere and eat it whenever you want.

4. Drink lots of water

Water is very good for our body. Many times due to lack of time or lack of interest, you do not drink any water during the day. It is recommended that whenever you go out you carry a thermos with water and consume at all times. When the body is dehydrated the muscles tend to look thinner and the skin looks very ugly as it dries out. In addition, water helps eliminate toxins that the body does not need.

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How to increase muscle mass in training

Weight exercises produce hypertrophy and this increases muscle mass

Weight exercises increase muscle mass considerably
  • For beginners, it is best to train two to three times a week to increase muscle mass. You should do 6 to 4 leg and glute exercises for each routine.
  • It is important that the training is strong so that the muscles generate hypertrophy and can grow. For this you need to get out of the comfort zone all the time and feel that you make an effort when doing the exercise.
  • It is recommended that you feel the entire procedure of the exercises. That is, try to do the exercises slowly by tightening the muscles each time you move from the starting position.
  • To train and increase muscles you need to use free weights such as dumbbells, bars.
  • Cardio exercises should be done after the weights, because if you do it before you use up the glucose levels and when doing the exercises with weight you will not have as much energy.
  • It is recommended that every 3 or 4 weeks you change the exercise routine so that your muscles do not adapt to the same exercises and do not increase. Weight is recommended to increase each week.

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