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Look what happens when you wash your hair with Coca Cola you will be surprised!

Do you want to give your hair a surfer look, just like the girls in the movies? This is the solution to have hair thinning, dry and with volume. If you want to know more about the subject, know this tip on how wash your hair with Coca Cola to have splendid hair.

For some years and since the revelation of the actress Suki Waterhouse on his biggest secret regarding hair, washing it with Coca Cola, this is a trick that has become fashionable. This comment gave many good and bad reviews about it. Many youtubers wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of washing their hair with Coca Cola, being satisfactory in some cases and not so much in others.

According to our criteria, for those who like to have hair with perfect waves, voluminous and that resembles that perfect mane from when you are at the beach, this is the ideal trick. Although we must also add that Coca Cola used in excess on the hair, can cause considerable and irreparable damage to the scalp.

For this occasion we will give you some tips to keep in mind to do this trick. Also in a step by step, we will tell you what you should know about how you should wash your hair with Coca Cola. We will also provide you with information such as how often to apply the treatment to have perfect hair.

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Why washing your hair with Coca Cola will make you have movie hair?

Coca Cola separates the hair fibers

Coca Cola deeply cleanses the hair

Washing your hair with Coca Cola can bring some benefits to your hair as long as we do not abuse its use. An example of this is that Coca Cola can deep clean hair as it contains pH below normal (5.5). This makes it practically a deep cleaning acid.

Also from the fact that the hair fibers are dried with the acid of Coca Cola, a separation of the fibers is achieved, thus providing more volume to the hair.

In summary, washing your hair with Coca Cola can make you achieve this effect that we all love because it is surf hair. By washing your hair with Coca Cola, you are making it untangle with much more volume.

How to wash hair with Coca Cola?

washing your hair with Coca Cola can make you get surfer hair

Washing your hair with Coca Cola makes it wavy, voluminous and detangled

Although it may sound easy to wash your hair with Coca Cola, we want to suggest some tips so that everything is perfect.

Tip # 1: Firstly, when we refer to washing the hair, it does not mean that we are going to remove all the dirt from it. The purpose is to have hair with more volume, waves and beautiful, therefore to apply Coca Cola we suggest that you have clean hair. Otherwise the fat will not allow it to be as you want.

Tip # 2: It is important to wash your hair that, when you apply Coca Cola on your hair, you should not use cream conditioning shampoo or any other hair treatment.

Tip # 3: You should only comb the hair once you remove the Coca Cola, when it is wet and you should not brush over it.

Tip # 4: Do not allow the time with the Coca Cola in the hair to exceed 20 minutes, as this would cause irreparable damage and it can dehydrate the hair too much.

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Steps to wash your hair with Coca Cola

the ends and the middle should have a higher concentration of product

To wash your hair with Coca Cola you must remember not to leave the product for more than 20 minutes
  1. Start by washing the hair by applying Coca Cola from the root to the tip of the hair.
  2. Allow the hair to be completely flooded with this product.
  3. Do not allow, if possible, that the highest concentration remains on the scalp, but on the contrary, the highest concentration of the liquid should be in the ends and middle.

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