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Mix onion with toothpaste and use this remedy for different things

This trick is attracting a lot of attention, especially in Latin America and is already gaining worldwide fame. Although mostly women are the ones who are using it the most, there is no exception for men to do so as well. The trick is simple onion with toothpaste, you will only need two fundamental ingredients: toothpaste and onion.

What is onion used for?

Well, I’ll tell you that the onion has dissimilar properties, very beneficial both for our health and to maintain our beauty.

The use of onion in the preparation of food increases the nutritional value of the food because it is very rich in medicinal properties due to the functional ingredients they have.

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Among the fundamental benefits of onion, we can find that:

The onion has multiple benefits. Adding it to our daily diet will provide us with flattering effects.


The onion has multiple benefits. Adding it to our daily diet will provide us with flattering effects.

It is very good for the heart:

Its daily intake can help you prevent heart problems such as a heart attack or collapse. The presence of keracetin is important to avoid strokes when the person is older. In addition, it reduces the chances of ischemia by protecting the arteries and improving blood circulation. It also prevents thrombosis by acting as a dilating spleen.

It is anti-inflammatory:

When it is associated with the enzymes that are part of metabolism, the flavonoids present in it help to keep the body away from inflammation, maintaining cellular health.

It is widely used in natural medicine for fight the throat pain and others, also having the influence of the keracetin acting in parallel, which is a powerful remedy.

Strengthens immunity:

Keracetin is responsible for immune growth, inhibiting the action of histamine, thus strengthening the body, mainly in allergic people. The gastrointestinal tract also benefits from its use.

It improves immunity and preventing disease in it so that its operation becomes more efficient. It also fights against H-pylori, a bacteria that lodges in the stomach and can cause serious problems such as ulcers and the fungus that causes yeast infection, which takes advantage of low immunity.

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Fight viruses:

Its consumption does not eliminate the viruses, but it prevents them from replicating and spreading in the infection, mainly Adenovirus, Coronavirus and Rotavirus, reducing hemagglutination given the action of keracetin

It is good for the eyes:

It has in its composition nutrients that can delay the action of the enzyme aldose-reductase that causes cataracts. In addition, the presence of keracetin prevents early aging, reducing the chances of macular degeneration and other related diseases.

Avoid skin infections:

It has light substances that have an antibacterial effect. It is used as a remedy in popular culture by rubbing a raw onion on a cut to prevent infection.

After having commented on the beneficial effects of onion we can say that if you are one of those people who has a few extra pounds and want to reduce the bulging size of your belly or other part of the body, here we propose a solution to prepare a reducing cream of onion-based fat with toothpaste.

onion with toothpaste

Applying this preparation every day, you will jump for joy with the results.

This onion-based cream with toothpaste can be our best ally to reduce abdominal fat, since it allows us to shape and tone our figure. The product is not miraculous, but it can be a great support to stimulate the burning of fat in those areas that are really difficult, say both the legs and the abdomen.

To do this, you will need:

  • One teaspoon of white toothpaste.
  • One teaspoon of onion juice.
  • Half bottle of VapoRub.
  • One teaspoon of baking soda.

onion with toothpaste

The multiple benefits of onion, added to this preparation, will make this cream your best ally.

For its preparation:

What we will do is, mix all the ingredients until we obtain a homogeneous mixture.

This preparation should be applied to dry skin, preferably after we have showered. We will make circular movements when applying the cream. We will wrap the area where we have smeared the cream with a plastic.

This treatment will be carried out in the morning and at night if possible, it is very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as eat a good diet.

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We will keep the cream in an airtight container with a lid and store in a cool place away from sunlight.

If we practice at least 30 minutes of exercises when applying the cream, we will have more efficient results.

If you did not know, here we propose a super effective remedy with very inexpensive ingredients. You have no justifications. With a little patience and persistence we will achieve great results. What are you waiting for? Get on now!

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