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Sewing masks, face masks with star stitch. Step by Step

Star stitch is one of the most beautiful and versatile crochet stitches in the art of embroidery. This point can be useful to sew a mask with outfits and ideas you have in mind.

If you want to put this point into practice, you must take into account; choose the wool and the thickness of the needles well. You should always take into account mounting points that are multiples of 3 + 1, to this initial figure two more points must always be added. The final result will depend on which fabrics with more or less tension, you must always keep this in mind.

If you want to use this stitch for your wool projects, you have several options, from complete garments to simply using it in the details. It all depends on how far your practice and imagination go.

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Today we propose you to sew a mask with a star stitch. To need them;

  • Brochet number 1.75 mm
  • Yarn yarn

sew mask - star point masks

Star stitch is an excellent option to incorporate into your embroidery work. Feel free to incorporate it into your designs.

Steps to follow to sew mask:

The steps to follow to sew this mask with star point;

  1. First, 46 complete chains must be cast on, a last chain will be lifted and single crochets will be made.
  2. 36 half double crochet will be made and finishing the row, it will end with 5 single crochets.
  3. It will be worked taking the back strands.
  4. 6 half double crochet will be done again.
  5. A loop will be taken from behind and two complete chains that will pass through two stitches will be retaken.
  6. Little by little we will notice that our star point is forming
  7. We will have a total of 6 half double crochet taking the back hebrites
  8. Looping will be taken again and two stitches are left and a double crochet is made in the third
  9. Again you take a bow and in front you take two double crochet
  10. At the end of knitting the double crochet, loop is taken again and 6 half double crochet will be made to finish row 3
  11. 5 single crochets are made, finishing the row
  12. A total of 14 rows will be raised
  13. If you want to increase a little more you can increase 2 more rows according to the size you want
  14. To create the strips that support the ears we are going to make single crochets forming 50 chains until we reach the ends
  15. After we finish knitting our mask we will proceed to sew a double cloth to protect our project.

star dot mask

This proposal is an excellent and different option to incorporate into your looks.

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The star point is a point that although it has a fairly high degree of difficulty, with practice and perseverance it will not become impossible, and you will be able to obtain great projects if you set your mind to it.

We advise you, you just need to incorporate it into your ideas. Always remember that knitting is the best therapy for life.

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