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The sagging belly is eliminated in three days with these exercises

The dream of every woman is to keep her abdomen flat. Do not worry! We suggest how to do it.

Whether due to pregnancy, disorderly eating, sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise, when that flabby mass begins to hang from our belly, our figure totally loses its healthy appearance. Sagging belly is an aesthetic problem that affects both women and men.

If you notice a flabby belly and want to improve its appearance to look and feel better, you should start by adopting and maintaining good lifestyle habits. At first glance, there are some parts of the body – such as the abdomen – that seem to suffer the most from poor diet and lack of exercise. However, the causes of a sagging or flabby belly are not only due to diet and sedentary lifestyle.

In this sense, researchers affirm that there is a genetic component that predisposes a person to accumulate abdominal fat, as well as to suffer its related pathologies. However, it is not something that a balanced and healthy diet accompanied by good regular physical exercise cannot solve.

On the other hand, as a person ages, certain parts of the body lose firmness and become flabby. This is normal, but can be treated with an adequate caloric and protein diet and lots of physical activity.

In the case of women, flaccidity in the abdominal area it can be a consequence of pregnancy as well as a postpartum sign. During pregnancy, the skin stretches and can then hang down so to speak.

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From everything discussed above, we can conclude that a balanced diet and physical exercise are the two pillars essential to maintain a belly without sagging. Here are some tips to fight the hated sagging belly and achieve the proposed goal:


A classic, the plates, ideal to achieve a flat abdomen.

Also known as planks, planks are a type of exercise highly recommended because they help strengthen the abdominal muscles. Isometric exercises – that is, they do not demand the contraction or extension of the muscles – are effective and safe to exercise the middle zone.

The technique of this exercise is very simple:

  • Lie face down on the mat and support your elbows, forearms, and hands.
  • Lift your body and step on the balls of your feet. The idea is that the torso and legs are aligned and parallel to the ground.
  • Hold the pose for as long as you can. Remember to increase your exercise time progressively.

irons to avoid sagging belly

A classic, the plates, ideal to achieve a flat abdomen.

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Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises for sagging belly

A little cardio to motivate the body!

Whether it’s jogging, biking, running, or boxing, cardio is another great way to work your body. ANDCardio is effective in reducing body fat levels, something that influences the appearance of the abdominal area.

Usually, it is recommended to perform them at least three times a week in order to get results. However, this will depend on the characteristics and goals of each person, so it is convenient to plan the routine with professionals.

Oblique crunches

Oblique abs - tummy tuck

Another easy way to do sit-ups to prevent sagging is oblique sit-ups.

In this case, we propose another localized abdominal exercise to strengthen the middle zone and avoid a sagging belly. It is carried out as follows:

  • Lie down, on a mat or any flat surface, face up and bend your knees
  • Rest the right calf on the left thigh
  • Bend your left arm and bring it behind your neck
  • Rotate your torso so that the left elbow touches the right knee
  • Perform the indicated repetitions and switch sides.

Lunges with twists

Twist lunges - belly drop

Twisting lunges are one of the best exercises to reduce the abdomen.

The lunge not only serves to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, but also to work the belly. In addition, due to the difficulty of the exercise and the muscle groups involved, it burns a lot of calories. You can start off with no weight and then add a dumbbell or disc later.

  • Stand up, take the dumbbell or disc between your hands at chest level and step forward with your right leg, which you must flex so that the body descends. Also, the left leg is flexed 90 degrees until it touches the floor.
  • When you reach this position, turn your torso to the left, stretching your arms a little.
  • Return to the starting position and do the same for the other side.


bridge - drooping belly

The bridge is one of the most complete exercises as it strengthens the quadriceps, the back, the glutes and the abdomen.

The bridge is one of the most complete exercises as it strengthens the quadriceps, the back, the glutes and the abdomen.

This exercise gives strength to the pelvis and lower abs. For this reason, it is ideal for women who have just given birth.

  • Lie on your back on the mat and bring your arms to the sides of your body.
  • Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the ground.
  • Raise the pelvis little by little until the torso is detached from the mat.
  • The only thing that should remain supported are the shoulders and head, in addition to the arms and feet.
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds and descend to the starting position.
  • When you have mastered this exercise, you can add some weight with a disc on your belly.

Leg raises

Leg raise - tummy tuck

Leg elevation improves blood circulation.

Lastly, this exercise is very convenient to work the tummy down. thanks to the horizontal position, which allows to better work the internal oblique muscles. It is done in this way:

  • Face up on the mat, stretch your legs well and put your hands under your thighs.
  • Raise your legs, without bending them, so that they are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Then descend without touching the ground.

The abdominal fat that results in the fall of the belly should not only be reduced for aesthetic reasons, but it is also positive to do so for health. Fat in the abdomen is directly linked to pathologies such as hypertension and prediabetes.

As we mentioned, exercise and diet are the first two actions to take when faced with this problem. Remember to eat a balanced diet and always follow your doctor’s recommendations to stay fit and healthy.

Finally, to complement these exercises you will also need to eliminate toxins and tone the belly, through home remedies you can make these tonics. We advise you to use a coconut oil-based toner, this powerful ingredient helps to regain the elasticity of the skin, leaving it smooth and soft, without any trace of cracks in the skin.

Now you know, we propose it, the path is up to you. What are you waiting for? Get to work now!

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