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What red lipstick suits you?

Lipstick color is not a superficial issue. Every woman is passionate about having a dream lipstick for all kinds of occasions. Of all the lipstick shades, red is the one that, according to experts, gives the most connotations of empowerment, normality and strength to its wearer.

Red is a classic, it never goes out of style, but not all reds are the same. It is very flattering and feels very good whenever we choose the red that best suits our characteristics.

There are two types of harmony that determine the lipstick that best suits us: warm or cold. The warm harmony is those that are more golden or yellowish, and the red of the lips that favors them the most is orange because it illuminates this type of skin a lot. On the contrary, the cold harmony is those skin that is more pink or bluish and the reds that favor it are passion red, raspberry red or the red that is pink.

Now you ask yourself, what type of skin do you have? To identify your skin tone what you have to do is look inside your wrists. If the superficial veins are more greenish, the harmony is warm. You have a more golden or yellowish skin. If, on the other hand, your veins are more bluish, your skin is whiter, pinker or more bluish brown.

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Another tip you can do to check the type of harmony of your skin is to look at what color suits you:

If the gold or the silver. You can check with a large jewel that you have at home and compare in front of the mirror. If gold favors you more, you have a warm harmony. Different from this, if silver favors you more, you have a cold harmony.

For the effect to be complete, you have to choose the shade of red well and not all of them look good with the same color, despite the fact that red is a very versatile shade. When choosing the red lipstick that suits you, you must also take into account the shape of the lips and how to combine it with the rest of the makeup.

If you have thin lips, you have to avoid darker red tones and bet on enhancing the volume with a gloss or glossy lipstick. Another point to take into account when talking about using red is, if you bet on the lips, it is better to reduce the makeup in the eyes.

As we have already explained, we must bear in mind that our skin tone is key when choosing a lipstick. The result is totally different when applying lipstick to light or dark skin. In addition, there are types of lipstick that are more flattering than others depending on the physiognomy of your face. If you are passionate about the color red but do not know which one is right for you, pay attention to these tricks. You will have no more doubts!

Fair skin and red hair:

Against all popular beliefs, red lipstick does favor redheaded women. The coral red tone is suitable for those women with fair skin and red hair, it adds a flash of color to the skin which gives it a different hue than the rest of lipsticks.

red lip

This color is incredible. Dare to show it off.

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White skin with cool undertones:

For this type of skin, the ideal are reds that include cold undertones in their nuances and that will add color to your face and highlight the white of your teeth. A lipstick in raspberry colors will be a success, because it complements the fresh pink tones of very fair skin.

Medium-light skin tone:

For this type of skin, the ideal is the pinkest red since it will enhance the natural color of the face. If you are one of the lucky ones with this type of skin, you can ensure the success of the color by choosing one of the most iconic red lipsticks with light shades of the pink undertone. A tip: apply it with your finger to give a more natural feeling. It works!

medium-light tone - red lipstick

With a crimson tone you will look super pretty. This color will enhance your natural tan.

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Olive skin:

In the case where your skin has a shade between yellow and olive, it is better to opt for more orange tones of red because they will provide the face with greater illumination.

Medium-toned skins with yellow undertones:

For those with a medium skin tone with yellow undertones, a lipstick that tends slightly towards a tangerine color can give you the special touch you need.

red lipstick - yellow undertones

Bright reds are most flattering for girls with fair skin and warm undertones.

Forget dark or sad colors, bright reds are the most flattering for girls with fair skin and warm undertones. They highlight the skin like no other color tone.

Medium-toned skins with golden undertones:

Those women with this type of features should resort to the quintessential red color, known as “passion red.” Long live the red!

red lipstick with medium tone and golden undertones

If you have beige or golden skin with a cold undertone, choose a less intense red color, between orange and cherry.

Golden skin:

The lucky ones with this skin tone are the ones who, without any doubt, can enhance their luminosity the most with red. For skin with golden undertones, a matte cherry lipstick is ideal. It will give luminosity and warmth to our skin.

red lipstick with golden skin

This orange-red lipstick will look great on you, as it will complement the paleness of your face.

For skin with neutral tones:

For this type of skin we must opt ​​for lipsticks that do not lean towards blue or orange; Let’s bet on a red lipstick that gives us a natural and effective air.

Midtones with caramel undertones:

Nothing like a brown base before applying the red color to obtain the best result for this type of skin. The color will be perfect and if the lipstick has a shiny touch, the finish will be more special.

medium with caramel undertones

Vermilion red will be your best option if your skin tone is intermediate with a warm undertone.

Tanned skin with warm tones:

A red color with an orange base is all you need. With such a warm skin tone, this type of lipstick will highlight your mouth in the best way.

Tanned skin with cool undertones:

For brown skin, but that tend to cold tones, we must choose a red lipstick that is garnet, to give it luminosity and enhance your lips.

cool undertones- red lips

This cherry red shade is ideal for beige skin with a warm or neutral undertone.

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Tanned skin with neutral undertones:

This type of skin adapts well to most lipsticks, but if we want to opt for the red color, the cherry red tone with a slight shine is the perfect choice. It will have a better result if we combine it with golden and natural shades of eyeshadow. Take note!

neutral undertones - red lips

This dark red will suit you super well. It will stand out in a very good way in your skin tone

Medium-dark skin with warm undertones:

As we have already explained, we have to detect if we have a warm undertone in our skin by looking at the veins on the front of the wrist and checking if greenish tones predominate. With these shades, the most flattering is to opt for darker reds, a palette that ranges from burgundy to aubergine.

  warm undertones

A matte red is perfect. A very intense, highly pigmented color that does not fade can be a great ally.

Dark skin with warm tones:

The matte red color is ideal. A matte lipstick makes our lips stand out even more.

Dark skin with cool undertones:

We will only say one word: metallic red. A red lipstick with a shine that adds dimension and luminosity to the skin is all that these skin types need.

cool undertones

If you have brown skin, go for the wine red tone. It is a super elegant color and suitable for any occasion.

Another trick for dark skin:

If a metallic red is too much for you, choose a burgundy glitter to rock any occasion. It looks great and will make us feel really comfortable with our beauty look.

It has happened to all of us that we love a lipstick but that, when trying it, it does not look good on our skin and the result is not as expected. Therefore, we must bear in mind that each skin tone favors different colors of lipsticks.

In the case of red lipstick, the difficulty is even greater due to the wide range of possibilities that we currently have. If you are passionate about this tone, but you don’t know which one is ideal for you, take note of the advice we have provided. You will not regret!

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