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When summer approaches is when we worry most about whitening the armpits and intimate areas. Of course we want that when we show our body there are no dark spots that make us look bad. Whiten your armpits and private parts before it’s too late, with these tricks that will surprise you.

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One of the great concerns of all women is that dark spots appear on their bodies and apparently for no reason. The truth is that if they appear for a reason, and it is not a lack of cleanliness. Especially if it is about the intimate parts, the main reason is the constant friction of fabrics with the skin. If you want to find out why dark areas appear on the skin, know how to avoid them and the best tricks to remove them, here we show you everything. Whiten your armpits and private parts with us!

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Whiten your armpits and intimate areas with these tricks

whiten the armpits with lemon juice, but be careful not to expose yourself to the sun

The armpits and private parts can be stained either for hormonal reasons or irritation

1. Warm water with lemon

Lemon is an excellent lightener. Whiten your armpits and private parts with lemon by applying the lemon juice at night, 5 minutes before bathing, for a week. Then rinse the area very well with warm water and you will see how it clears up. You must bear in mind that you cannot expose the area with lemon to the Sun, so be sure to remove it completely.

You should also bear in mind that you should not wax during that week, so that the area is not irritated. And of course if you know that you have a lemon allergy or you get irritated too often, better choose another method.

2. Whiten your armpits and private parts with hydrogen peroxide

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the intimate parts and armpits. You can do this by placing a patch with the water on them. Leave at least 5 minutes and repeat the procedure for 1 week.

3. Turmeric with yogurt

Whiten your armpits with turmeric and yogurt. Yogurt is one of the best natural whiteners, it also moisturizes and hydrates it. Turmeric also has incredible whitening abilities. What you should do is mix half a tablespoon of turmeric, half a cup of yogurt and the juice of one lemon. Apply on the stained area and let the preparation act for 15 minutes. This home remedy can be done 2 times a week.

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Why do spots appear in the intimate areas and armpits?

The sweat in which it accumulates causes the skin's protective acid mantle to be altered and black spots appear

Intimate areas and black armpits can be the product of waxing the area

In general, spots in the armpits and intimate areas appear due to the high pH value, which exceeds the normal value (5.5). This is because sweat in these parts of the body, having a higher concentration of secretion, alters the protective acid mantle of the skin. In general, the girl who bleaches the armpits and intimate areas, it is because these are areas with the greatest accumulation of sweat that is where more bacteria are concentrated, leaving the area irritated.

Among the main causes of discoloration of the armpits and intimate parts is the rubbing of objects such as razors, hair removal and deodorants that you use, which can damage the area. Also another cause can be diseases or medications that make these spots appear.

Skin discoloration can appear due to the following factors:

  • Irritation
  • Accumulation of dead cells
  • Sun exposure
  • Perspiration

How to avoid spots in the armpits and intimate areas? Whiten your armpits with these tricks

Aloe Vera is an excellent regenerator that you can apply after each hair removal.

Dark spots in the armpits and intimate areas can be removed as long as you apply tips to regenerate the skin
  1. You must apply anti-allergy deodorants that you do not have too many chemicals, and that it helps you perspire and clean the armpits. You should also keep in mind that it should not irritate your skin, like some that contain alcohol.
  2. Take care of the moment of hair removal. Whiten your armpits by applying skin regenerators, such as Aloe Vera after waxing, so that the skin is not irritated.
  3. Uses sunscreen when you go to expose yourself to the sun. It should be highly protective, as it whitening your armpits and private parts.
  4. Avoid the Tight clothes on that area, since constant rubbing will irritate the skin, there is a higher concentration of dead cells and the skin will look extremely dirty.

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